Project Risk Profile Assessment Tool

Our interactive Project Risk Profile Assessment tool will give you an indication of the management approach appropriate for YOUR project

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Analytic Hierarchy Process Tool

A tool to help you and your sponsor understand the split in priorities between the different project objectives.

Reserves Calculator Tool

A Reserve Calculator – an interactive tool that helps you determine how much reserves you should expect to need for your project.

Customisable Risk Register Template

A Risk Register template – a complete risk register including all of the best practice components as described in the PMBOK so that you can pick and choose what you want for your project.

Oversized Category Headings Print Outs

Oversized print-outs of the risk categories in huge fonts to act as category headings. 42 oversized categories headings are included to make your Risk Identification workshop easier.

Probability and Impact Assessment Sheets

When performing qualitative risk analysis, you may find it helpful to include this probability assessment guide and an impact assessment guide with the assessment sheet. Remember to adjust for optimism bias!