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"As a Project Manager myself, I know how challenging it is to successfully deliver a project that meets its budget, schedule, scope and quality objectives.

My project was big for our organisation. The risk of failure was too great for our organisation to try to manage project risk by ourselves.

We went looking for an external service provider to help manage project risk. The big consulting houses all talked a big game but when it came time to actually deliver, they sent in junior staff with near empty toolboxes!

We were initially hesitant in dealing with a small company like ALB, but I picked up their book "Bullet Dodging - A Risk Management Handbook for ICT projects" which outlined their Bullet Dodging Risk Management Framework. Before we engaged them, we knew the approach and the tools & techniques that they were going to bring to our project. We knew what were going to get with ALB Consulting

Dealing with ALB Consulting was simple and easy. Experienced, knowledgeable professionals brought a plethora of tools and techniques that they wielded like professionals. They were very interactive and really helped us lift our risk management game.

The reports they to produced for us were excellent. They were insightful and informative. Their reports really provided a lot of reassurance to our nervous project board. We were especially impressed with the way they used our own data to show us the probabilities of delivering at each cost level, that was brilliant!

Michael Suite - Origin Energy

"Our project had scored poorly on our first health check, but it has come back on track since partnering with ALB Consulting. They really helped us understand how our risks could impact our project. They helped us refocus our efforts onto the activities that really mattered. Their response time and has been excellent.

ALB Consulting helped us transform a troubled project into an exceptional project. They helped us implementing a structured risk management methodology that opened our eyes to the risk involved. And then they helped us plan and execute risk risk management that pulled our troubled project back on track. I don’t know where our project would have ended up without ALB Consulting."

Catherine Zipper - ANZ Bank

"Our project was big, complex and introduced a new technology to the organisation. We had established a strong business case with an ROI over 500%. We thought the project was a no-brainer. But our sponsoring group was nervous, they'd been burned by a failed ICT project in the past.

We brought in ALB Consulting before submitting the business case to reassure the sponsoring group that the risks had been thoroughly assessed. What we didn't expect was how thoroughly they would be assessed!

ALB consulting performed subjective assessment of our project, but then they did some thing I'd never seen before. They took our estimate data and ran it through their computer models to calculate the probabilities.

They presented us with a detailed report that made the decision on the business case much better informed. Our sponsoring group was delighted with the information!

Their report showed us the probability of achieving our claimed ROI (only 37%). Then they outlined the factors that were most dragging down our probability of success. They recommended actions that we could take to improve our probability and they calculated the amount of contingency that we would need to hold to bring our probability up to 80%. Our sponsoring group was much more comfortable in approving the higher cost when they knew the probability of success.

Anthony Nguyen - QLD Department of Education

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