We provide the rigour to your business case that your Sponsors need to justify investing in your project.

We help you understand your project risk through the five lenses of the 5 Cases Model:

The Strategic Business Case - strategic fit, clear investment objectives and SMART outcomes

The Economic Business Case - optimising value for money

The Commercial Business Case - attractiveness to the market and procurement arrangements

The Financial Business Case - affordability, allocated and secured budget

The Managerial Business Case - capability & capacity to deliver and plans for delivery


We then borrow the Monte Carlo Simulations from Quantitative Risk Analysis to calculate the probabilities of delivering the benefits in your business case.

We work with you to better understand your projects task level variance before we run the simulations. We'll present you with a report that answers the following questions for your business case:

  • 1. What is the probability of achieving at least our stated return on investment (ROI) or our scheduled completion date?
  • 2. What is the probability of losing money on the project or of missing a delivery deadline?
  • 3. What contingency reserves would I need to be 80% sure (or another percentage) of achieving stated cost or schedule objectives?
  • 4. What are the variables that have the largest effect on the probability of the project’s outcome?

We work with you to identify ways in which you can optimise your project's risk profile so that your business case is robust and has the best probability of getting approved

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“Our sponsoring executives have been very impressed with our business cases since we've started using ALB Consulting. Our executives love being able to see the exact amount of contingency calculated to achieve the 80% probability that they demand.

The detail in the Risk Assessment Report that ALB Consulting includes with each project has really engendered confidence in our business cases. The detail in their reports makes the reports an ideal appendix to any business case.

Since we started using ALB Consulting, our project success rate has improved by over 20%. Given the size of our project portfolio, that works out to a huge saving!” - Catherine Zipper - ANZ Bank

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