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The bigger the Project, the lower the Probability of Success

IT projects are notoriously difficult to manage. Among IT projects, failure rate corresponds heavily to project size. 

A PwC study of over 10,640 projects found that օnly 2.5% of companies complete their projects 100% successfully. The rest either failed to meet some of their original targets or missed the original budget or deadlines.

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What we can do for YOU

ICT projects often promise to deliver fantastic benefits. But too many ICT projects fail to deliver on their promises. 

Some blow their budgets. Some deliver late. Some reduce their scope. And some fail so badly that they are canned before they deliver any value.

At ALB Consulting, we make sure that doesn't happen to your project.

We specialise in managing ICT project delivery risk. We help you manage the risk in your ICT project so that your project delivers; and delivers to Budgeton Time and with all of the benefits promised in the Business Case.

Whether you're initiating your project or if you're in the throws of project delivery, we have a service that can help you succeed. 

We're here to help you deliver. We're here to help you succeed. We're here to make you look good.

Our Approach

We recognise that each ICT project is unique. And each project needs a risk management approach tailored to the unique needs of your project.

We can help you with your project, regardless of the size. We help you manage your risks so that YOU achieve your goals. We bring the knowledge, experience, and the tools & techniques that will help YOU deliver successfully.

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Why Us?

Your project is important. Whatever the business driver, your organisation has invested to achieve the benefits that your project promises.

We can help you achieve those promised benefits. We bring decades of experience and focused best practice to ensure YOU deliver.

Whether you're just starting out on your project or if you're well into delivery, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools & techniques to help you deliver successfully. 

We only succeed when YOU succeed!

Clients We've Helped Succeed

We've helped organisations of all sizes manage their project risks. We've worked with smaller organisations with less than 1000 staff to large organisations approaching 100,000 staff.

With those organisations, we have worked on projects with budgets barely over $1,000,000 to mega-projects with budgets up to $18 billion.

Whatever YOUR project circumstances, we have a service that can help you manage your project risks so that your project delivers.

Best Seller.

When you engage with ALB Consulting, you know exactly what you're getting. That's because we have provided a detailed description of our approach in our best selling book, Bullet Dodging - A Risk Management Handbook for ICT Projects.

Fully referenced, Bullet Dodging - A Risk Management Handbook for ICT Projects. provides you with a detailed description of how we will apply industry best practices to your ICT project.